SGA Spring 2017 Election Results

Congratulations to the new student leaders of the Student Government Association. The results from the elections held April 17th and 18th are:

President: Andi Dahmer

Executive Vice-President: Savannah Molyneaux

Administrative Vice-President: Kara Lowry

Student Senator at Large:

Lily Nellans

Kenan Mujkanovic

Ian Hamilton

Zach DeBord

Jordan Tackett

William Hurst

Asha McWilliams

Dillon McCormick

Jacob Giannelli

Morgan Wysong

Divya Gangavelli

Deekshita Madas


Sophomore Student Senator:

Ryan Richardson

Savannah Reynolds

Conner Houndshell


Junior Student Senator:

Luke Edmunds

Amy Wyer

Ashley Cox


Senior Student Senator:

Lucas Knight

Emily Houston


The following Constitutional Amendments passed the student vote:

Bill 16-16-F (Makes the Sustainability Committee permanent)

Bill 17-16-F (Creates a permanent Committee for Diversity and Inclusion, formerly MyCampus Too)

Bill 1-17-S (Reforms Regional Campus representation)

Bill 21-17-S (Lowers Required GPA for SGA involvement)

Bill 24-17-S (Adds a report on Executive Council Spending to the duties of the Administrative Vice President)

Bill 27-17-S (Makes the SAVES Committee permanent)


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