A Statement from Student Body President Jay Todd Richey and MyCampusToo Chair Helen Vickrey

At last night’s Student Senate meeting, WKU SGA Chief Justice Cody Cox announced that the Judicial Council would be voting on whether or not to initiate an investigation into a recent allegation that was formally submitted about racist conduct by unspecified SGA members. This allegation is currently null and void due to two resignations that occurred this morning. As a result, the investigation is no longer under consideration. Because the truthfulness of the allegation had not yet been determined, we cannot comment on the identities of people involved.

Any questions about resignations in the Senate, Executive Cabinet, and Judicial Council should be directed to Senate Secretary Kara Lowry (kara.lowry819@topper.wku.edu), Chief of Staff James Line (james.line006@topper.wku.edu), and Associate Chief Justice Annalicia Carlson (annalicia.carlson560@topper.wku.edu).

Without addressing this specific situation and whether or not it occurred, we want to be very clear: racism — and any kind of bigotry — is completely unacceptable in WKU SGA. As members of student government, we have taken solemn oaths to uphold our constitution, the WKU Student Code of Conduct, and values of acceptance and equality that we should all strive to meet.

As president of the student body and the new MyCampusToo chair, it is our top priority to ensure that every student knows that this university — and this student government — is theirs. And before last year, SGA was essentially disconnected from students who felt otherwise. Now, things are different. We have so much more work to do, but we’re confident that we can continue to build bridges between SGA and marginalized student populations at WKU. And that includes standing up against bigotry wherever it exists.

Jay Todd Richey, President of the WKU Student Government Association

Helen Vickrey, Chair of the MyCampusToo Task Force


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