SGA lays groundwork for new academic year

At the second meeting of the year tonight, the WKU Student Government Association passed four bills, each contributing to its mission of supporting student voices and needs at WKU.

The senate passed the following bills unanimously:

Bill 1-16-F: Bill to Renew the MyCampusToo Initiative. The MyCampusToo Initiative worked last year to enhance and encourage diversity at WKU, mostly through programming that brought underrepresented voices to the table.

Bill 2-16-F: Bill to Renew the Sustainability Committee. The Sustainability Committee works to make WKU’s campus more sustainable by working with dining services, encouraging recycling at campus events, and more. At Thursday’s football game, the Sustainability Committee held a recycling competition that successfully encouraged students to contribute to the process.

Bill 3-16-F: Bill to Financially Support and Partner with Western Kentucky University Student Legal Services. The passing of this bill means SGA will now provide WKU Student Legal Services with $2500 to cover the cost of their malpractice insurance. Last year (August – April), WKU SLS served 42 students, provided external referrals to another 28 students, provided educational programming to 11 University Experience classes, supervised 3 student interns, and conducted an estate planning workshop that resulted in the creation of 40 Digital Asset Directives and 52 Living Wills. SGA is excited to contribute to the great work SLS will continue to do.

Bill 4-16-F: Bill to Support the Creation of Scholarships for Students with Disabilities. This bill allocated $1,000 to provide scholarships to students with disabilities. At the meeting, WKU Student Brendan Ward shared his experience of having several learning disorders, explaining that scholarships like this provide money to students like him that struggle with standardized testing and other traditional means of determining aid. SGA hopes this scholarship will help with some of the financial burden college can be for students like Brandon.

SGA also passed the budget for 2016-2017, meaning vouchers to reduce the cost of IDs, transcripts, and part-time student passes to the Preston Center are now available.

The senate meeting also served as an informational session for students running for open SGA seats. Campaigning for the election began at the conclusion of the meeting, and will continue until the election on September 14.


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