SGA 50th Anniversary Celebration

April 30th, 2016 SGA celebrated 50 years of this organization in conjunction with our yearly banquet. All 50 past presidents of SGA were invited to this celebration, each receiving a special gift of a red towel inside an engraved frame.

Former Vice President of Student Affairs, Howard Bailey gave the keynote speech, as he reminisced on the past 50 years at WKU. He recalled many memories with the 50 past presidents of SGA.

Seniors were recognized, receiving graduation stoles presented by President Ransdell. New SGA officers were sworn in by the SGA Chief Justice during the ceremony.

SGA awards were also given out, including the Dero Downing Award, Outstanding Senator, Charles A. Keown Award, Kerrie Faye Steward Memorial Award, Mary Angela Norcia Award, and The Citizens Award.

Dero Downing Award- Nick Conrad
Outstanding Senator- Nathan Cherry
Outstanding Committee Member-Hannah Neeper & Chelsea Faught
Charles Keown A. Keown Award- Nolan Miles
Kerrie Faye Stewart Memorial Award: Andi Dahmer
Mary Angela Norcia Award- Jay Todd Richey
The Citizens Award- Michael Crowe

Special thanks to Liz Koehler for planning this beautiful ceremony and for making this night special for everyone!


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