Spring 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Summer Term

Brittiny Moore

Courtney Knight

Annastasia Williams

Caitlin Newman

Casey Richardson

Alexis Ratterman

Daniel Glenn Brussell

Heather Bivins

Jenna Babb

Logan Spalding

Somula Schwoeppe

Summer Stringer

Austin Stethen

Kimberly Miles

Asia Islam Larkin

Elexia Campbell

Haley Pannell

Jessica Canada

Heather Jackson

Joseph Harris

Jessica Wash

Stevie Hoyng


Study Abroad

Ashyya Robinson

Allison Thompson

Hannah Neeper

Kaitlyn Greene

Jared Carpenter

Katherine Citak

Nina Wells

Maxwell McGehee

Olivia Greaner

Rachel Kaiser

Jonathan Greene

Monica Kast

Nathan Read

Brent Andrews

Dalton Harshbarger

Nicole Williams

Kelli Yorlano

Madison Trent

Noah Stevens

Amber Lamastus

Christopher McDaniel

Kelly Tursic

Megan Meredith

Michael Goedde

Gabrielle Ringenberg

Storm Dutton

Allison Hoey


Scholar Development Grant

Allison Thompson

Gargya Malla

Nina Wells

Kelli Mckinney

Kirsti Vittitow

Danielle Earley

Austin Barnes

Chasity Beckner


Congratulations to our scholarship recipients! We’re happy to be a part of making your WKU experience as best as it can possibly be!


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