Spring 2016 Election Candidates

Below is the list of Spring 2016 Election Candidates. Campaigning commenced Tuesday evening after the Judicial Council led election meeting. SGA Election voting will take place April 18th-19th on Topnet. Press release will come soon.


Braxton Powell

Jay Todd Richey

Executive Vice President

Mary Kate Hart

Zach Jones

Administrative Vice President

Hannah Neeper

Junior Senator

Mary Kate Hart

Braxton Powel

Meagan Ward

Nathan Cherry

Abdullah Raza

Lucas Knight

Abdulsalam Olanrewaju

Temple Ricke

Sophomore Senator

Kazandra Trejo

Cejay Moore

Ashley Cox

Andi Dahmer

Luke Edmunds

James Hill

Emily Houston

Savannah Molyneaux

Deven Richardson

Senior Senator

Zach Jones

Jody Dahmer

Josh Knight

Kaycee Gibson

At-large Senator

Madison Keller

Kara Lowry

Alex Sargent

Amy Wyer

Savannah Molyneaux

Brian Anderson

Chase Coffey

Abdulsalam Olanrewaju

Michael Shelton

Happy Campaigning


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