62 Scholarships Awarded to Students

In December, our Student and Academic Affairs Committees tirelessly graded applications for Scholar Development Grants, Study Abroad Scholarships and Winter Term Scholarships. Also, none of these scholarships would be possible without our Director of Academic and Student Affairs, Barrett Greenwell.

Here are the scholarship winners who were awarded at the end of the fall semester:

Scholar Development
Dalana Henson
Natalie West
Alexis Anderson
Jamie Doctrow
Jody Dahmer
Mandi Martin
Brody Bruns
Natalie Perkins
Kinya Embry
Hailey Patrick
Sowmy Lakshmi Karamcheti
Margaret Sullivan
Andrea Greene
Total: 2,962

Study Abroad
Jessica Canada
Jocelyn Porter
August Snelbaker
Logan Nofsinger
Jessica Anderson
Chelsea Murray
Haley Jones
Holly Boddeker
Madlyn Beasley
Steven Gadd
carley Jackson
Daniel Aroh
Bridget Stewart
Elizabeth Trader
Emilie Gill
Emily Peck
Jacob Tipton
Kristen Curtiss
Sarah Spalding
Sherah Devore
Brandon Pruitt
Chloe Carr
Nicole Patton
Maggie Sullivan
Total: $7,200

Winter Term   
Amber Elizabeth Smith
Brandy Heavrin
Catherine Thomas
Courtney Winona Marie Keown
Darlene Barber
Haley Moore
James Davis Alexander Senig
Jessica D. Willhoite
Katharine Belarmino
Kristin Compton
Lizetta Cornwell
Mallory Roberts
Max Winebrenner
Nicole Mason
Olivia Thompson
Ashlee Powers
Abbie Vickers
Hannah Guy
Rachel Blair
Catelyn Stanley
Tyler Harris
Margaret Cartwright
Total: $8,690

Look out for the next round of scholarships coming this Spring! Visit the Scholarships & Funding tab on the left side bar: http://wku.edu/sga/index.php. Congratulations to all 62 students. We are so glad SGA could assist in your endeavors in improving your college experience!


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