The SGA Listening Tour-Jay Todd Richey

The SGA Listening Tour that took place last week from Tuesday – Thursday was a tremendous success. Not only were we able to hand out our promo items and meet a lot of students, faculty, and staff, but we were also given the opportunity to have substantive conversations with students at each regional campus about their specific needs and what we as SGA can do to help. Needless to say, these are students we represent and affect with every SGA decision we make concerning the student body. I will provide you all with a few things SGA should be looking into as to how we can help these students at regional campuses, and I would urge you all as senators to take up the cause of addressing these issues if you are looking for a way to actually have a leadership role in SGA:

Glasgow – Currently no full-time security guard
Owensboro – We need a Student Body Association (SBA) and, also, a full-time security guard; I will be working on the former
Elizabethtown – More access to services that we offer here at the Bowling Green campus, greater communication
Ft. Knox – Even on a military base, there is no Veterans Affairs (VA) representative, this is a huge issue and we will probably be addressing this in the near future with a formal resolution
Personal Thoughts: I want to see a greater Herald and CAB presence at our regional campuses, or incorporate into our SBA Constitutions a PR Director/Activity Director for each respective campus to report to us what events are going on each week so we can have greater knowledge about events happening across WKU. Also, if we successfully create a SBA at Owensboro, I hope to create Council of Presidents (or something of that nature) where communication between the WKU Student Body President and SBA Presidents of all regional campuses would be far easier and a “Regional Report” would be created.

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