Welcome back WKU!



WKU students, this is the official blog for the Student Government Association of Western Kentucky University.

We would like to introduce ourselves as the official voice for the WKU student body. We are an elected and appointed group of your peers that work day by day to serve you. We hear all concerns of the WKU student body.

The Student Government Association has weekly Senate meetings on Tuesdays at 5pm. These meetings are open to anyone to attend, and even to speak! It is our goal for the legislation we hear, debate and vote on each week to be in students’ best interest. If anything, these meetings are a great way to stay “in the loop” on campus. Maybe you become interested in a new subject. Perhaps, you will get to hear a member of the administration give a guest speech. Just possibly, you might want to get involved with the whole process of Student Government!

We have adopted many Student Services in order to do one simple thing, make your college experience more simple, safe and fun! Please come by the SGA office on the 2nd floor of Downing Student Union from 9am-5pm for any reason! For example, you could from pick up free test materials, to speak with one of the Executive Cabinet members, or do your homework with a fabulous view of South Lawn!

We cannot wait to help make WKU the best experience for you!


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